Steve Tuffill,
Web Site Design, Networking, Signage, Graphic Design, Technical and Creative Writing, and User Manuals

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Steve Tuffill, Web Designer, Creative Writer, Technical Author and Copywriter.

Hi, I am Steve Tuffill - you will have met me elsewhere on the Web. Or you may have had me design you a brochure or a business card or some other publicity material.

I have been doing all of this kind of work for an age: At least I have been working in design for a considerable time period now. Another thing I have been working with just lately is a form of digital signage. Working for a company based in New Jersey, I have been setting up and maintaining those screens you see in doctors' office waiting rooms.
About my site:  you can find just about anything you want about me here. Go to the tabs at the top to explore the various areas of my very busy life. You can look at Services to see what work I do and what clients are asking for. Portfolio shows much of the work I have written and had published on the Web. The Wiki is a free for all where i am hoping we can all get to share our knowledge and post stuff which we will all find interesting and helpful. Contact Me quickly on the web form. (I shall get back to you quickly!) News and Events is an attempt by me to keep you all up to date on what I am doing with all the news that fits! And the Download button holds goodies behind it that you can enjoy. Let me know what else you would like to see here...
Apart from that, I am busy building Web sites and writing articles for at least two companies. You can see here an example of the work I do for Demand Media Studios. The other links toall the articles I wrote can be found on the Portfolio page. Music thanks to where you can find music for restaurants.

I am a photographer and my albums are also on the Web here.

If you want any new work doing, let's talk...

I can be reached on 661-375-7837          ~ Steve